Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism

Or Huawei will support the communication technology to Middle East ...

Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism Huawei, from the year before quickly support the communication technology to terrorist organizations Taliban Reportedly, China Huawei (Huawei Technology, HUAWEI) from the year before at the earliest, selling a communication technology in the Middle East of the terrorist organization, has been supporting the activities. The world's largest fur-way communication equipment is a private company with close links with the Chinese military. The United States because of the risk of national security, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand has decided the government, the military, the elimination of the private sector of the next-generation network G business. According to the US NPO organization, support for leader Osama bin Laden of the extremist organization the Taliban in the Middle East base began in 000 years. Subsequent year, the Taliban has been up to the UN sanctions list. For this reason, it is forbidden to telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers around the world to sell to the Taliban.

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