Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism

It was developed serious incidents, such as the Japanese Red Army ...

Taken a DNA sample in only [suspicion] of terrorism The birth of the Japanese Red Army Japan Red Army, attacked the police station in the country for the purpose of realization of the Japanese revolution and communism of the world based on the Marxist Leninist, prisoners a heinous crime such as bank robbery, continuous enterprise bombing that has issued a large number of casualties faction of the militant group that you have, come up with the international Konkyochi theory], after the escape in search of Konkyochi of revolution abroad, it is an international terrorist organization that has been formed. Showa years, Takeshi Okudaira was leaving the country to Lebanon Beirut on that sham marriage, Fusako Shigenobu is, offer a joint armed struggle similarly to the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) to be grounded in Marxist Leninist, mounting the support, in the Middle East It began its activities.

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